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Recycled Battery Materials: How To Catch The Green Wave (And Stay On It). A User's Perspective

5 December 2023, CBRW Conference Presentation, Singapore

Market analysts forecast the global lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry to grow at a CAGR of ca.15% between 2023 and 2032. Only a handful of industries have sustained double-digit growth in the recent past (healthtech, AI and machine learning, renewable energy to name a few). This, compounded by an accelerating pace of change, puts a considerable amount of stress on organizations. The survival of the fittest in the recycling industry will depend on factors common to any industry sustaining high growth rates: innovation, financial discipline and operational excellence, and on factors specific to the electrification supply chains which I invite you to visit from an end-user’s perspective: focus on customer-centric solutions, collaboration and strategic partnerships across the electric vehicle supply chain, robust risks understanding and management (price, ESG, counterparty, regulatory), and rapid industrialization capability.