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Advisory Services

Our Process

Hands-on Approach

Thanks to our unique blended experience in physical commodities (mining to manufacturing), capital markets, and risk management, we have an original ability to transfer knowledge. We come up with creative and novel solutions, and take effective actions. 


Focused on commodities and commodities supply chains, our work applies primarily to critical minerals necessary for our economies’ electrification such as: nickel, cobalt, lithium, manganese, rare earth, graphite and black mass.

Client Focussed

We believe every client’s needs are different depending on their own developmental stage and position in the value chain. We tailor our offer accordingly:


1. Upstream traditional mining companies, recycling companies

2. Midstream smelting, refining companies and precursors manufacturers

3. Downstream advanced materials producers, battery makers and OEMs

4. Stakeholders and financial investors in the critical minerals supply chains

Supply Chain View

1. Offtake agreements negotiation: identifying the right offtake partner, support in negotiation of e.g., prepayments, equity participation, convertible loans. Cash flows modeling, support in funds raising for production assets development.

2. Marketing and sourcing strategies: choice of commercialisable mid-stream products and target markets, support developing and implementing transparent processes to find suitable commercial counterparts, supply and sales contracts structuring and negotiations, qualification in electrification supply chains.

3. Partnerships building: embedded in everything we do, our team is keen on using its outreach capability upstream and downstream of commodities supply chains to create relevant and meaningful strategic partnerships.


Risks Management Oriented

1. Risks investigation, mitigation and relevant processes implementation e.g., physical and financial transactions due diligence. Vetting for upstream security of supply, price risk management, localisation potential, supply chains due diligence and responsible sourcing practices deployment.

2. ESG strategy and CO2 footprint: we come up with proven risks management frameworks and regulatory risk monitoring. In addition, our team draws on its network across different geographies to find suitable partners for objective sustainability assurances.

3. Controlled growth acceleration: funds raising, risks gaps analysis and projects de-risking programme, partnerships building.

Previous and Current Engagements

  • Offtake contracts structuring and negotiation for a rare earth carbonate, oxides and recycled permanent magnet powder producer. Support in sustainability strategy and roadmap to Life Cycle Assessment completion for OEMs procurement submission and qualification
  • Introductions and support in fundraising (financing-for-offtake), and supply chain partnerships building (e.g., scraps procurement for recycling) for a rare earth integrated producer
  • Financial, legal and technical due diligence of a mining and metal salts producer supplying a lithium-ion battery manufacturer and its ternary cathode precursors
  • Lithium-ion batteries’ black mass price risk management for a recycling company 
  • Commodities derivatives workshop in support to legal counsels in dispute resolution
  • European and US critical minerals related regulations demystification and regulatory risk management strategy for mining company’s sustainability and marketing departments
  • Strategy, governance and risks review for manufacturing companies bringing energy storage procurement solutions in-house 

Follow Us

We regularly update our progress as the go-to team for partnerships building in international raw materials supply chains.

Follow Our Work

We regularly update our progress as the go-to team for partnerships building in international raw materials supply chains.

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