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International Disputes Resolution


Our founder and CEO Myriam El Kara is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and an IMI qualified mediator. Myriam has a dual academic background: she holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Master of International Economic Law from the University of Paris I: Panthéon – Sorbonne following an undergraduate degree in private law at the Université Saint-Joseph of Beirut, Lebanon. 


Over her 20 years’ career in capital markets and commodities trading Myriam was at the forefront of international commercial transactions in the finance and physical commodities sectors, operationally managing up to 230 transactions a year. Her experience spans geographies from Europe to Asia including the Middle East and Africa. She speaks 6 languages of which : English, French, Arabic fluently and Bahasa Indonesia.



Having witnessed first hand how commercial disputes originate in commodities investment and trading, Myriam found interest in contributing  to international dispute resolution work. She therefore undertook her arbitration and mediation trainings as of 2021. 


By bringing her professional expertise in commodities she believes she can help increase trust and clarity in the disputes resolution decision making processes, increasing arbitral awards’ robustness and mediation agreements’ effectiveness. 

She continues to further her knowledge in arbitration and mediation while acting as advisor for participants in the commodities supply chains, and is willing to consider appointments as arbitrator, mediator or for expert based work. 


Arbitration Appointments

  • Myriam upholds the values of integrity, excellence and discretion. She is independent and not conflicted with previous arbitration work. She can dedicate time and attention to her appointments. She has through her professional and legal background a thorough understanding and experience in cost and time effective process management such as arbitral processes.
  • Myriam is member of the LCIA and CIArb association.
  • Watch this space for further updates about arbitration appointments.

Mediation Appointments

  • Myriam has through her professional background and training gained an understanding of negotiation dynamics and ways of adjusting facilitative and evaluative mediation processes to situational needs. She puts the parties’ concerns and agenda at the centre of the process and is committed to finding a resolution.
  • Myriam is member of the ADR ODR, IMI and SIMI mediation networks.
  • Watch this space for further updates about mediation appointments.

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We regularly update our progress as the go-to team for partnerships building in international raw materials supply chains.

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We regularly update our progress as the go-to team for partnerships building in international raw materials supply chains.

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