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Parité n’est pas diversité !
Loin de la favoriser, la parité fait en réalité obstacle à la diversité en matière d’arbitrage commercial

ASA Bulletin, Vol. 40, No. 3, 2022, 4 December 2022

Over the last decade, commercial arbitration undeniably progressed towards more diversity on its arbitral tribunals. Mainly geared towards gender, ethnic and age, increased diversity was the result of a determined and relentless push by interest groups, themselves a product of the arbitration ecosystem. However laudable, the debate around diversity falls short of considering arbitral proceedings’ goal and arbitration users’ interests which imperils the institution’s legitimacy and future. It is therefore urgent to reassess our understanding of diversity and frame it back with litigants’ needs. This leads us to recognize the relevance of «°professional diversity°» and more broadly how this «°relevant diversity°» can reconcile users’ interests and the promotion of gender, ethnic and age diversity.