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Elements of an Antifragile Batteries Recycling Business

22 April 2024, CBRW Conference Presentation, Shanghai


A lithium-ion battery recycling company has the potential today to become an integrated solution provider from raw materials to pCAM. As such it can compete with mining and processing companies at different steps of the value chain while maintaining its modularity in size and location.

Going forward, the successful recyclers are likely to benefit from offering to their clients the reassurance of filling the gaps in the value chain in addition to high recovery rates and operational efficiency. For example, dampen lithium price volatility by partnering with lithium producers, work towards standardizing pCAM products, offer ‘supply chain solutions’ with adapted levels of compliance to regulations in the US and in the EU.

We will explore how these elements and more can be used to create resilient and even antifragile recycling business: the kind that can not only sustain but also benefit from adverse market movements.